Now that I am self-employed, Uncle Sam allows me to pay taxes all at once. This has created the need to set money aside as I go.

With Interest rates so low, having that money sit in the bank seems like an irresponsible thing to do (reference Matthew 25; 14-30). I recently decided to join my grandmother, uncle, and father in day trading.

Since I haven’t given it much thought since Sophomore year of College, I have decided to learn everything all over again.

After speaking to colleagues familiar with finance, I started by reading up on three completely different publicly traded companies.


– They are a Multinational company that sells data storage products and services which are used to build web-based computing systems. Read more about them on their wikipedia page

This week, EMC announced that their CEO, Joe Tucci, will remain with the them at least until February 2015. Given EMC’s recent acquisitions and the overall direction under Tucci, the jump in price this week can be seen as a reflection of the company decision. The stock price is up this week $1.43 (5.44%)


-An REIT. PennyMac is a company that shows steady growth, pays high dividends, and whose company mission statement lines up very well with the current-state of the Real Estate Market. They buy properties from banks that are looking to reduce their real estate exposure. Using investment, they come up with payment strategies aimed at keeping residents in their homes. By renegotiating mortgages and keeping the toxic assets occupied, they avoid allowing properties to further devalue from events such as eviction, vandalism, and squatting.


-A company that from its IPO, has stated that its profits are the means for innovation. In other words, a company that is driven by innovation and user experience, not by profits. As a result of this philosophy, which many believe should be the standard, their stock prices have continued to spiral downward. At this point, many believe that the stock is still overpriced (when considering their projected profits) and others believe that it is correctly valued.