Warm Weather Has Florida Rats out Seeking New Sources of Food and Shelter

ST. PETERSBURG, FL–(Marketwire – February 22, 2011) – Homeowners beware! Warming temperatures have Florida rats moving in and around your home searching for sustenance. Although most are commonly found near seacoasts and canals, Florida rats plague the entire state. As a major carrier of numerous diseases (including bubonic plague) and the ability to reproduce frequently, most homeowners greatly underestimate the havoc Florida rats can reap on an entire residence.

Various attributes of Florida rats make them a formidable pest. With teeth that grow up to five inches per year, Florida rats must constantly gnaw to maintain short and sharp incisors. This translates to damage and frayed electrical wires. Few homeowners realize that Florida rats are responsible for nearly 50% of household fires. Furthermore, their reproductive habits quickly evolve a one-rat invasion into an infestation. Florida rats reach sexual maturity within three months. Once mature, these pests reproduce every two months birthing up to nine pups per litter.

Most homeowners believe that if they do not live near a waterway, then they are immune to Florida rats. This misconception does not consider the various breeds of Florida rats. Florida roof rats are omnivorous creatures that often nest in trees surrounding homes. Once established, these rats simply wait for an opportune moment to invade homes from above.

The most daunting characteristic of these critters is their sheer aptitude for survival. Rats can live on as little as one-half ounce of food and water per day. Their sustenance can come from any common household item, such as fresh or packaged food, or even garbage.

Signs of Florida rats are sometimes difficult to identify. Urine and banana-shaped feces are common at breeding sites. However, these indicators of infestation often go undetected, leaving colonies of rats to multiply uncontrollably.

To efficiently and effectively prevent and control infestations and damage by Florida rats a Florida pest control professional is required.

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