Cooler Weather Drives Florida Rats Indoors

ST. PETERSBURG, FL–(Marketwire – Nov 21, 2011) – Suncoast Pest Control warns Florida residents about the migration of Florida Rats into local homes and businesses due to the dropping temperatures.

Family owned and operated Suncoast Pest Control, southern and central Florida’s premier Florida Pest Control company, is prepared to assist residents and business owners during this critical time.

According to the University of Florida, these rats are not native to Florida. They are Asian rats — descendants of the rats that carried the Bubonic plague with such speed and deadly results. In modern times, these rodents spread murine typhus through their fleas and feces. Murine typhus causes an extremely high fever, accompanied by a rash, headache, joint aches, and other symptoms lasting up to two weeks.

Nocturnal and secretive, Florida rats cause millions of dollars worth of damage if left untreated. The rats creep into crawl spaces, storage areas, and spaces between walls, anywhere that they can find a warm spot in which to create a nest. Once the rats take up residence in a business or home, they can chew through wires creating a fire hazard. They ruin pipes, chew walls, and devastate a building’s structure.

The experts at Suncoast Pest Control strongly discourage homeowners and business owners from trying to take care of Florida rats on their own due to health concerns. These rats require a multi-pronged approach in order to ensure eradication without contamination of living space.

Suncoast Pest Control sends a courteous, qualified technician to a home or business to determine the appropriate eradication method for each situation. Other companies apply a “one-size-fits-all” approach to pest control, without taking into account the climate and conditions specific to Florida.

Suncoast’s treatments are safe for pets and children. Suncoast Pest Control offers customers a money-back guarantee for their services, assuring their A+ rating with the Florida Better Business Bureau.

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