That every child in South Florida have the opportunity to gain the hands-on programming and robotics experience in the most motivating environment – CodeKids Camp.


Invest In a Child’s Future.

Education should prepare young people to become critical thinkers in order to be ready for any type of job even if it does not yet exist, using technologies that have not yet been invented, answering questions of which we are not yet aware.


Sponsor One Child & CodeKids Will Match It for a Second

The CodeKids Scholarship Fund offers a chance to support and enhance the opportunity for children without the resources to participate and build a foundation of knowledge in computer programming.

Scholarships are offered to motivated students from diverse and broad socioeconomic backgrounds, bringing new levels of education into their communities.

CodeKids will match all sponsorships to the Scholarship Fund one to one.

You can learn more about CodeKids at https://www.codekidscamp.com

Programming Young Minds for Tomorrow

Instructors walk your child through every step of our fun curriculum in where they will learn how to design, write, and implement real code. They either start with Minecraft or another exciting curriculum that teaches computer science concepts. It’s up to them, whatever interests them the most is where they can focus on and at their own pace. Learning is both relevant and fun!

Build Lego Robots or Program a Drone this Summer!

CodeKids Robotics Camp introduces the basic components of robots (sense, think, act) in a fun, hands-on and experiential way. While campers observe and understand behavior, they build scientific skills relevant to biology, psychology, robotics and artificial intelligence. They also develop general critical thinking ability related to scientific inquiry, coding, considering properties, characteristics, and prediction.

A Full Year of Coding Classes!

After an incredibly successful first year, the demand for CodeKids this summer has grown exponentially! The goal of this fundraiser is to raise enough money to donate 52 weeks of CodeKids camp classes to scholarship recipients.  CodeKids will match contributions one-to-one therefore with $10,000 we will be able to provide 52 need-based applicants with scholarships.

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