Improve the quality of life for young students and their families by introducing social emotional learning curriculum and techniques at South Florida schools for little to no additional cost to the students.


The United States has fallen behind the world when it comes to the quality of education and the cost.  Over the past two decades our access to information has grown exponentially meanwhile the curriculum offered around the country to school children has been mostly stagnant.  We believe that more needs to be done to offer updated and diverse curriculum to increase student and teacher engagement.  We also believe that one of the primary barriers to the faster adoption of new teaching techniques is securing the resources and funding necessary.  Through this organization we will spread awareness about the benefits of Social Emotional Learning in the classroom, raise funds to support these programs in local schools, and work with the staff to further develop modern teaching methods.


We are going to initially utilize the curriculum and support offered by Yale’s RULER program.

During the certification process takes two years and each school participating sends at least three representatives to train twice during the two years.


Phase 1 (1 year)* – The Anchors of Emotional Intelligence
This first phase grounds teachers, staff, students, and families in the Anchors of Emotional Intelligence. These fundamental RULER tools enhance individuals’ ability to understand and regulate their own emotions and to consider and empathize with how others are feeling. The Anchors also foster the kind of healthy emotional climate essential to personal growth.

Phase 2 (1 year)* – The Feeling Words Curriculum
The second phase enables teachers to integrate RULER into a wide range of subject areas, ensuring that emotional intelligence is woven into the content of every class and throughout each student’s school day. The Feeling Words Curriculum that teachers learn to use is tailored to specific grade levels and aligned with the Common Core.

Phase 3 (ongoing) — Lasting results
RULER creates a self-perpetuating program by training teachers and other staff to become RULER Trainers who then teach the rest of the school what they’ve learned. As teachers are trained, they in turn teach their students, and as new teachers arrive, RULER Trainers teach them.

To ensure lasting success, RULER also supports RULER Trainers with ongoing feedback, advanced training, and an online community where participants from around the world compare notes, participate in webinars, watch videos, and stay up-to-date on the latest program enhancements.

Short-Term Goals:

  1. Reach school officials to inquire about Social Emotional Learning curriculum
  2. Raise funds to sponsor RULER implementation in local schools
  3. Work with schools and administrators to measure effectiveness

Long-Term Goals:

  1. Create proprietary Social Emotional Learning curriculum
  2. Decrease costs for program implementation
  3. Curriculum offered at all public and private schools in South Florida.