New Client Questionnaire

    1. What is your Company's name?

    Your Name

    Your Email

    2. Have You Filed for Incorporation?

    Does your company have a federal tax ID?

    3. Does Your Company have a Digital Marketing Budget?

    In Which Range?

    4. Do you currently have a website?

    If yes, what is your domain name?

    5. Do you own the url domain name?

    6. Do you have an active website hosting plan?

    If yes, who is the hosting provider?

    7. Do you currently have all the necessary website content (including written copy, images, videos, articles, etc.)

    8. Do you have any experience with html code or Wordpress CMS?

    9. Does your website need to be eCommerce enabled?

    10. How many products/services does your company offer?

    11. What are three websites that you like?




    12. Have you ever worked with an online marketing plan?

    13. Do you currently use any customer tracking techniques?